Thursday, September 18, 2014

Simon Left… now, Sharon’s Back! (and Emma's not far "behind")

Simon Left…  
now, Sharon’s Back!
“My dad was Simon Warner.  He was a pretty cool dad, but he seemed conflicted.  I asked him one day what was bothering him, and he said, “Emma, sweetie… how do I say this… I.. I NEED to be a woman.  It’s something I felt inside since I was your age.  I love being your dad, but it’s my dream to be a mother.  And a wife.  I want to change my body to match my spirit.  I want to be on the arm of a handsome man, either in a dress, some sexy lingerie, a tiny bikini… or just a smile (giggle).”

“Well, you should be who you need to me.  I think you’d make a great mom!  What would your girl name be?”

“I’m going to be Sharon.  Thank you, love your support.”

“So Simon left, so to speak, and Sharon arrived.  She is an amazing mom, and a pretty sexy lady, as you can see by this picture.  Men just stare at her round booty.  As I grow older, I hope my butt gets as big and curvy as Mom has become.  I’m using some of her hormones. “

“Oh, I guess I should explain… I used to be her son, Elliott.  After seeing her so happy in becoming a woman, I shared my secret with her.  Now we support each other in becoming real girls – and in flirting with guys!”  


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