Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shop Talk (Rita & Claudia: working, playing & loving as ladies)

Shop Talk

Rita:  I can’t tell you just how happy I am to see you happy again.   And for us to have a real relationship again.  I know that when I changed sex and left Roger behind, I shocked and angered you, honey.  But I knew that when you were my son, that Craig was just like me, 22 years ago.  Trying so hard to make money, to be a guys’ guy, but just like me, it was better to let your true self shine.

Claudia:  Oh, Mom, I love you and I owe you so much.  When I got fired and was left behind by my fiancee and so called friend and family, you gave me a job here at your fabric shop.  I learned that, like you, I did love fashion and dressmaking.  I cried on your shoulder, and you nurtured me, and brought me out of my shell.  Now we’re running the shop together, we look fabulous, and we have such handsome guys in our lives.  One more thing… thanks for teaching me how to tease and please my lover in bed.  I do enjoy our little talks about sex and your insight on being a romantic woman.

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