Sunday, September 7, 2014

Now… You Understand (Andrea knew that Sara needed a little encouragment)

Now… You Understand
Andy Simmons had a secret he kept for decades from everyone, including his pride and joy, his son Shane.   Andy’s secret was Amanda, a curvy redheaded vixen who made men hard and women envious.  Amanda wasn’t Andy’s lover; Andy WAS Amanda, and Amanda was Andy.  She only kept her male persona to try and be the father to Shane that the boy needed.   

And then, one day, Shane walked in on Andy’s transformation in his dad’s bedroom.  They talked for hours. “Why do you do this?”   

Amanda had a hard time answering the lad.  How could he articulate the feelings he had as he slipped into the silkiest of lingerie, of applying makeup, of wearing six inch heels.  How he felt as he was leered at by some many people.  And certainly, how could he tell his son, his boy, that he felt some girlish whenever a man, a real man, took him out, or kissed him, or…

“Dad – or should I say – Mom?   Can you… show me, what it’s like?”

A year later, two sexy gingers stood before a mirror as they dressed for the evening, in the prettiest, sexiest of lingerie.  The effects of the hormones they were taking were changing their bodies, and their dreams and desires.

“I hope that Jeff and Bob appreciate how we look, how we made ourselves up for them, Mom.   Last night, I dreamt about… Jeff and I… we were kissing and making out, and then I heard you cry out … in pleasure… Mom…. I just want to…”

Andrea understood, and kissed and held Sara to let her know, she felt the same…

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