Sunday, September 14, 2014

MOTB Tales: Undercover Fun (Olivia + Melanie blend in too well!)

MOTB Tales: Undercover Fun
Brothers Max and Owen Bailey were both sergeants in the police department.  Max was in vice, and as such, he often found himself in drag, as he was short and looked quite fetching as a young woman.  She even referred to herself as Melanie in her role.  Owen was constantly kidding the kid over the cross-dressing assignments when the Chief reassigned Owen to Vice.  And Max/Melanie was the temporary department head.   

Of course, this meant revenge for all of those comments.  Which is why Melanie is posing as a bride?

“And you’ll be my maid of honor.  I have just the dress for you, sis,” snickered Melanie, who was posing as the bride of Tom Page, a detective who was helping Vice crack a prostitution ring by posing as a rival pimp.   

Owen dreaded the transformation at the hands of his little sister, but was amazed at how the pink strapless number showed off his legs, and the hair extensions and permanent makeup made him as pretty as any bridal model.   

“Earth to Olivia,”  Melanie cooed.  “Look, you’ll be paired with the rookie, Travis McCabe.  He’s posing as Tom’s best man.  Remember, act like a hot woman who is my sister and my second at the altar.  During the ceremony, plain clothes officers will apprehend the bad guys as they show up at the church.  But keep your service piece strapped to your leg just in case.  And handcuffs – maybe you and Travis will want to play a little good cop/ bad cop (giggle)  Enjoy yourself, big sis.”

Olivia took Melanie’s advice.  She cried as the bride and groom kissed, and she snuck off with the best man for some fun with the cuffs!

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