Saturday, September 27, 2014

MOTB: The Continuing Conversation (Elena + Peggy are hot honeys - word.)

MOTB Tales: The Continuing Conversation

I remember when my son, Edward Nguyễn, accepted me into his apartment after I hit rock bottom.  I was dealing with my gender identity, and most of those I knew did not accept me transitioning from Paul to Peggy.  Eddie never judged nor tried to “cure” me.  He sat with me on many a day when I cried that I thought I was worthless, ugly, a shame to him and our family.   

He wouldn’t hear of it – “Mom, you’re a beautiful woman.  I am proud of you for trying to be who you are. “  He was so selfless!

Three years later, Alec proposed to me, and I was in heaven.   He was so caring, funny, made a great living and made me scream as a lover.  Eddie was thrilled on the outside, but on the inside, I could tell, he was a little jealous.  

 I confronted him, and admitted it, between tears.   “I’m going to be so lonely without you here everyday to talk.”  My maternal instincts took over.   

As we waited for the rest of the bridal party meet us in the hotel lobby,  I embraced my new daughter.  The hormones had done as great a job on Elena’s figure as they had on mine.  Not to mention her desires.   

“This hen party is going to be such fun, Mom.   Let’s corner the stripper with the biggest cock, and we can both blow him,” my maiden of honor whispered to me.

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