Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mami Maria (and her daughters... muy caliente!)

Mami Maria
I did not ask for this, for myself, Miguel Reyes or my two sons, Eduardo or Luis.  At first, we felt great shame at what was happening to our bodies.  The Army officer who was helping us explained that the base released some sort of radiation into the woods where the boys and I were camping.  Our families wanted no part of us, as if being Latino meant that men had to be only men.  Hey, we didn’t ask to have our sex changed!

I wanted to be this tough, fiery, macho man and a good role model for my boys.  But as I became Maria, I changed into a tiny, sexy woman with all of the curves and beauty you expect in a Latina!  I also felt my passion for the kind of man I could never be – with broad shoulders, a rugged face, and an enticing treat inside his trousers!  Mmm, no wonder my boyfriend loves me, he knows I’m always such a horny little mami. (giggle)

And now, I see in the eyes of my daughters the same feelings of love – and lust!  Eliza and Lita strut around in tiny shorts and belly baring tops, and they are always flirting with the boys they meet.   I have to put my foot sometimes with them, but they are really good girls, and they listen to their Mami.   

We all ended up this way together, and as familia, we will be three happy, lovely, sexy  girls  with guys eating out of our hands!

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