Friday, September 5, 2014

If The Shoe Fits (Gina "pairs" with Kiki, "heel"-arity ensues)

If The Shoe Fits

Greg Parker’s double life was bound to catch up to him one day.  A lifelong crossdresser, Greg had somehow gotten a hold of some perfect six inch pumps off Craigslist from overseas.  He would never have dared go out as “Gina” without the shoes’ influence.  Each time she put them on and later removed them, it seemed that her legs were more shapely.  Not to mention the ass, belly, and tits?   

Within months, Greg seemed to disappear from his job, friend, and family.  His concerned son, Kyle, sought out to find him, and he tracked him down to a town in the next state.  Gina was now fully in control, working as a secretary, and sexually active with powerful men who liked their shemales curvy and horny.  Kyle couldn’t believe that his boring dad had become this stunning MILF, but Gina knew of one kinky way to prove to him that she was his hot mom now.   

After 60 days, Gina introduced her college age daughter Kiki to Max, one of her regular studs, who happened to have his son home from school.  The magic shoes were still working on filling out Kiki’s body but she was as eager to ride some fat cocks as her mom was. 


Lee said...

Very nice!
Easily one of your best. Please continue their adventures. Always a pleasure to see that you have added something.

Dee Mentia said...

Great story! Interesting how it changes everything except what is between their legs .. makes you wonder why the shoes were invented/made/magically infused.

I think it calls for a prequel, and honestly, you could probably get a panel out of Gina trying to get Kyle to wear the shoes for the first time too! "C'mon Dad? Do you REALLY think a pair of shoes could do what you said they do?"