Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hips Don’t Lie (Angelina follows Veronica around their new curves)

Hips Don’t Lie

Andre Conte kept looking at himself in the mirror.  Shirtless, he had slipped on to some new jeans that his son Vincent had gotten him for his birthday.  It seemed strange but Andre had a bubble butt.    His booty reminded him of the kind of round, jiggling ass that he loved in his ladies.  He felt his heart race and exhaled, and as he did, he noticed that he had HAIR on his head for the first time in decades!   

Andre walked on into the hallway, confused, and found Vincent, in denim, having also succumbed to the same kind of changes as his dad had.  

“Magic jeans,” Vincent grinned, as what appeared to be tits were forming on his – her chest.  “Four 48 hours, we’re gonna be girls – hot and horny women, for a night on the town.  I’m gonna be Veronica, and you’re gonna be Angelina.  I think you’re gonna enjoy being a sexy bitch, Mom.  By night’s end, we’re gonna have all of those men – and those HARD cocks – attention.  We’ll take a couple of studs home.”

Angelina slipped from under her sleeping, well hung conquest and into the bathroom where her daughter greeted her with a hug, smile and those magic jeans.  48 hours as sluts was clearly not nearly enough!

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