Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hearts of Texas (Shannon + Tessa are hooked on Daddy)

Hearts of Texas
“Mommy, Daddy said you and him played football together.  How is that possible?  I thought girls couldn’t play football with boys, they’re too little!”   
Shannon Clayton grinned as she replied to her daughter. “Well, honey, just like you, I was born looking like a boy.  Everyone called me Scott, and your Daddy was my best friend George.  I was dating his sister Mary – your Aunt Mary, bless her soul.  I was going to be your Daddy, and your dad now would have been your Uncle George, and you would have been a boy named
Troy.  But the angels who took Aunt Mary from us decided that we should be girls, and that George was going to be my husband and daddy to a pretty little girl named Tessa.  If I had stayed a boy, I’d be out on that field playing for Texas like Daddy is now.  But I really do enjoy watching him and cheering for him with you more than anything in the world!”

   Shannon sighed, and Tessa sighed right along with her.  Lovingly, they watched George score a practice touchdown and occasionally yelled “Hook Em Horns!and “Go Daddy! Go Daddy!” 

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