Sunday, September 28, 2014

Exceed Expectations (Renee + Melanie go beyond roleplaying)

Exceed Expectations

Rick: Dad, I didn’t expect all of this.  I mean, all of the kids at school dressed as the other gender, and most of them did it as a joke.  

Mike:   Hey, a lot of people do think that transgender is something to mock or worse.  But nowadays, many more people are living as the person they truly are on the inside.  That’s why I wanted to give you a realistic makeover, and you look so gorgeous.  It looks like you have enjoyed spending the week like any other girl.  I know I really am enjoying having a daughter.  I love you no matter what; what do you think honey?

Renee: Well… maybe I might want to explore a little more of this feeling.  I mean, Shaun did ask me out to see a movie this weekend. I’m gonna need some advice about how to get ready to impress a cute guy, Mom.

Melanie: Speaking of hunks, Shaun got his good looks from his dad.  Let’s go double dating, and see where this road takes us! :)

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