Sunday, August 10, 2014

Two Blondes at Sea (Ahoy, Ashley + Faith! The sea is calling...)

Two Blondes at Sea

Adam: As long as I can remember, it’s been my grandfather, his daughter, who was my mom, and me.  Mom was part of Gramp’s travel agency, and we used to go on a lot of cruises when I was little.  Then, Mom got really sick…

Fred: When Jane passed, I was Adam’s only family, and there was no doubt that I would look after him.  But I had to level with him.  Since I was divorced when Jane was a teen, she used to dress me as a woman, and we enjoyed some nice nights out as girls, whenever we got a sitter for the kid.

Ashley: I didn’t think it was weird at all, in fact I asked Gramp to show me what he looked like.  I met Gran, and I loved to see how happy she was.  Then I asked… what’s it like to be transformed into a pretty girl?

Faith: And I knew that Jane must have been smiling down on us to see the emergence of my new granddaughter.  Now I was taking her out for the evening, and on top of that going to the outlets, and for some spa time.  We found a cruise that lets girls like us enjoy ourselves and meet some others!

Ashley: So Gran, what do you think about that nice man who invited you to dinner tonight?  He said he had a nephew on board who was my age.  I hope he’s a cutie.  I guess we’re double dating tonight!  Do you like my skirt?

Faith: Well, it shows off those sexy legs, girl! (giggle)  I just have one question… am I supposed to give you “the talk?”  Because I’m still kind of new at dating guys… this is where your mother would have been a big help!

Ashley:  Oh Gran, you’re such a bubbleheaded blonde!  And so am I (giggle)

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