Saturday, August 9, 2014

#TransFamChat (An internet TG dream... babes included!)

Donna Gilley and Mary Ortiz may live over 1000 miles apart, but they are as close as any girlfriends.  They both joined the sub forum “TransFamChat” three years ago, and built an amazing friendship, bonding over their new lives as happy women and dedicated mothers.   

The former David Gilley felt unsure over how to  break the news to his son Corey that she was transgender.  Meanwhile, Marco Ortiz knew his sons Frankie and Vin were exploring cross-dressing in secret, just as Marco had done as a young lad.  It had been young Corey who directed his new mom to the Internet to seek advice, and even a shoulder to cry on.  DGBlonde” responded 
to “Mami2teens”, which Marco posted online in “virtual drag” a picture of her daughters after their first makeover.   

Over the months, Donna and Mary logged on nightly to get the latest news on the blossoming of their daughters – lovely Latinas Fiona & Vera, and the newest girl – Crissy!   They also
encouraged each other.  Soon, their young ladies were each other's virtual BFFs.  It felt like one happy feminine family.  

 They finally met IRL – at the beach – in skimpy bikinis!  As the girls squealed and hugged one another, the daughters challenged the moms,  

“So , ladies, which of you will be the first of us to go out with a hot guy?” Donna & Mary both blushed!

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