Wednesday, August 27, 2014

They Love the “D” (Jenny + Serena are scouting some prospects)

They Love the D

“Look at this!  Lou Whitaker!  I just got his autograph!” an excited Joe Wozniak, a Detroit Tigers diehard fan showed his son Sammy at the bar across the street from Comerica Park where the team played.  

“Cool, lemme see that,” Sammy asked, and then he read what the legendary 2nd baseman wrote on Joe’s Tiger media guide.  

To Jenny– baby come see me at the Windham suite 1084, you’re

so fine, you and your baby girl.  Love, Sweet Lou.  
“Oh gosh, MOM,” giggled Serena –  like her parent, Sammy had been changed into a hot blonde after losing a bet when the Tigers lost in last year’s playoffs.  “Well, you got more than an autograph, you got hit on, you damm cougar!”
“It’s funny, we always loved the game of baseball, but it took us turning into girls for us to learn how much we love ballplayers – especially the BIG sluggers,” Jenny cooed.

Sasha nodded, “The hitters can be real studs, but its the pitchers who make me wanna take my jersey off.  Look over in the corner, Mom.  Verlander,  Scherzer and the rest - the best starting rotation in the big leagues.  I think we can go flirt with them, and see if they wanna play ball with us .”  

The players saw the duo, and they smiled back.  That look nearly had both girls wet their panties.

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