Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Ultimate Makeover (Marcia + Jaclyn are have the looks, and now, the lust)


Mickey and Jay Chase were not only father and son, they were master barbers and ran their own shop, popular with local athletes and trust fund kids.  The Chase guys had a bit of an attitude, and sneered when Pretty Fabulous, a new salon catering to the party crowd and the local drag community, set up shop in the same shopping center as their shop.   

Mickey and Jay both bet the new salon that they’d be out of business and “out of their hair” (har har) within six months.  Pretty Fab was booming, and the owners called their bet.  One Sunday, the boys sulked in and the GIRLS strutted out.   

Marcia was now a busty redhead T-girl and Jaclyn was a stunner with legs for miles.  Then they were taken to the local club, and fed to the wolves.  Surprise!  The found that they loved how they looked felt, and how amazing it was to tease and please their shemale admirers.   

From that day on, mom and daughter worked together at Pretty Fab as stylists, and worked all night long in search of the perfect cock to fuck and suck!

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