Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Secret Family (Melinda schemes so her girls can dream)

The Secret Family

Hi, I’m Marshall Chase, and these are my sons Trent and Craig.  What, you only three gorgeous blondes?  Well, we have been leading a secret life as a stylish woman and her pretty daughters!
You see, my former wife – and her family – are looking for us “guys” – their lawyers screwed me over and were trying to deny me seeing my children.   

The nerve, just because I’m a man in touch with my feminine soul.  I may be the biological “father”, but in my heart, I’m the loving mother to my babies.  And I realized early that the kids were as uncomfortable as boys as I was at “being a man.”  The bitch remarried, and their stepdad mocked their  manhood.  Well, I knew I had to get them away from that SOB, and  when the courts screwed with me, well, let’s say I showed my kids how to escape their “jail.”
After a careful series of makeovers, Melinda Cline and her two mini-me’s, Tabitha and Caitlyn, left for the west coast and haven’t looked back.  I have been administering hormones to all three of us, and the results were on display when we went to the beach.  That’s also where my girls realized that they were hot stuff, and could have their pick of boyfriends.   

I told them, “Watch your mom.  I’ll make sure you’re  ready to date and eventually explore your feelings!”

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