Saturday, August 2, 2014

Such Fairies!! (An uplifting tale of the magic of a family united)

Such Fairies!!

“Daddy, Pop-Pop, Kenny Weeks called me a fairy,” Miguel Cruz said to his father and grandfather as they dressed for a Sunday walk through the park.  

 Jorge Cruz looked at his dad, Armando with a concerned look.  “Well… how did that make you feel?” Jorge asked.

“I told him that fairies were magical creatures who can make people smile, and then Ms. Brown came over and told Kenny he was going to have a time-out because he was saying mean things.  But I liked being called a fairy, because I get sprinkled with pixie dust, and spend the day with my family.”   

Mando   leaned down and kissed his grandchild, and then wiped his lipstick off the angelic face.  “You’re so special to me,my little Marisa fairy!  And you make us very proud!”
 Wiping a tear, Jorge smiled.  “Mama, I’m ready for our little adventure today if you are.  I hear that Luis and his uncle will be down at the park today.  Maybe they’ll ask us out.”
Alexa winked at her “daughter.”  

 “It will have to be a family date, Jacinta.  I can’t bear to spend a moment away from my precious little baby girl… even for a handsome man like Ramon Perez.  If they want us, they have to share us with our pretty little fairy!”    

Marisa called out, “Mommy, Mom-Mom, let’s go play!”  And thanks to that pixie dust, three generations of fairies have another lovely day in the park.

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