Friday, August 22, 2014

Screw Job (Naomi + Jada seek revenge, get IT in the end!)

Tony Dante went too far… Barbara Collins was an innocent bystander in the hit that Dante placed on his nemesis.  That mailbox bomb was meant for US Marshal Nick Collins.  The grieving lawman and his son, FBI trainee Justin, needed revenge, and they way they would get it would be (suffice to say) unique.   

Nick knew that Dante had a thing for pre-ops, and thanks to the cocktail of hormones and accelerants, father and son were very passable as mother and daughter tranny hookers.   Naomi and Jada admitted to each other than Dante was pretty much the ultimate alpha male, and they were enjoying his cock a little too much.  So was Dante – his heart gave out after an extended orgy.  

 The Collins were too far undercover to go back – so Jada hooked up with the heir apparent, Tony Junior, while her mom became the mistress to Dante’s top lieutenant, Lil’ Bo – who wasn’t little at all.  The male cops were shemales and “part of the family”!

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