Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Parental Support (Leanne is fast learner, which pleases Monica)

Parental Support
Look, I take my role as parent very seriously.  In raising my child by myself, I not only had to make sure than my Lewis was fed and went to school and kept healthy, but that  me (Morris at the time) was there to support his goals and dreams.  When he played baseball, I was his personal hitting coach – when he was studying chemistry, I was his lab assistant.  Then one October night…

“Dad, I want to dress up for Halloween.  I was thinking of something a little outside of the box.  Maybe I could dress like… a sexy girl perhaps?”

“Hey, I like that idea.  Try these heels on.  Oh, steady as she goes.  Ah, wow, your legs look incredible.  Not to mention your butt.  Guys will drool over you!”

“Yea, I feel like a dirty hooker in these.  Wait… Dad, where did you get these?”

Well… I hadn’t dressed very much since I was in college, but I still remembered many of the tricks of the trade – Monica on the streets at night, selling her body for horny men paid for both my college degrees!  After a long talk and a night to transform ourselves, Monica returned to accompany the new Leanne to the frat party.   With our incredible legs, newly fortified bosoms, and raven haired wigs, we looked more like a pair of hot sisters than a mother-daughter duo. 

“So Mom, I want to follow in your mincing footsteps as a shemale whore.  I’m so glad to have you show me how to get the most cock, and the most money!”

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