Sunday, August 17, 2014

On A Technicality… (Rebecca + Simone bringing something extra to the pageant)

On A Technicality…
John Wilson, the organize of the Beauty Times Two Mother Daughter Fashion Contest, called for Rebecca and Simone Taylor to step outside of the local playhouse theatre.  He had his suspicions about the duo.

“So, we did a little checking on you application, and at your address, there is a Mr. Robert Taylor.  Then my son, Zach, who is helping us out here today, said he recalled a boy named Stan Taylor who he went to school with who lived on that street.  We called the school district, and they confirmed your real identities.  I’m sorry, but technically, you’re not eligible to win this contest.  However, both Zach and I think that the two of you – regardless of what is beneath those tight dresses, are the most beautiful pair that was on stage tonight.  You’re poise shown through, even during the swimsuit phase.  It’s just that… well.”

“Now, Mr. Wilson,” cooed Rebecca, “my daughter and I came out under our female identities after Simone graduated last spring.  I’m sure that” – as the slinky brunette pressed her curves across John’s chest – “as the authority` figure, you can find a way to keep us – in the running.”

“Hey mom, Zach Wilson was pretty hot when we were in school.  I’ll go find him while you – work out things – with Mr. Wilson,” giggled Simone.

The Taylors won that night, and shared their “prizes” with the Wilsons…

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