Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Happy Girls (Jennifer + trio finds joy, looks stylish too!)

My Happy Girls
Today was a very happy anniversary, for myself, Jennifer Beale, and my three darling daughters (from oldest to youngest) Amanda, Christina, and Natalie.  A year ago, I had to make the toughest choice of our lives – allowing the witness protection team transform three scared little boys (Aaron, Cliff, and little Niles) and their hapless dad James in order to stay alive and out of the vision of the bad guys.   What a shocking scenario that Lt. Martin Cole had for us to avoid detection from
those savage crooks – to become an attractive, attentive housewife and mother of a trio of lovely young ladies.  

 I could not be more proud of my children, who have come together as only sisters can and embraced wearing cute dresses (like in this glamour shot), and acting as if they were born to be girlish.  I know that I had to embrace it for them to do so, and I
must say, I have come to enjoy being a woman – both as their mommy and as Marty’s
spouse.  Actually, loving my new husband has been the most eye-opening (mmm… he is so GOOD to me!)  and I know that the girls love him too!   

Down deep, they’ll see me as a happy wife and when they are age, I’ll have three boy- crazy teen girls to raise up right!  Eventually, we four happy new girls will be four wonderful women!

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