Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MOTB Tales: Our “Dad’s” Wedding (and two proud "sons" are just as happy!)

MOTB Tales: Our “Dad’s” Wedding
It was kind of embarrassing to Kyle and Randy Bauer to have to tell their friends about their birth father Martin getting married – to a man!  But Sam Knox was so doting to Melissa (Marty came out as a woman, which is why he divorced and lost custody of the kids.  But now, Melissa needed to not only be a good wife, she was convinced that she was the one true mom!   

And she also saw the spark in her babies’ eyes when she had a little PDA with her man.  She took them to her gown fitting, and that day, Kelli and Rachel found just the right dresses to be their mom’s junior bridesmaids!

Melissa sobbed in Sam’s arms as the girls had their first dance with his cute nephews.  Good thing he is an heir to a millionaire; he’ll be planning two huge wedding for his step-daughters in the future! 

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