Friday, August 29, 2014

Jill’s Makeovers (Two dads, two sons, and eight breasts?)

Jill’s Makeovers

Jill Delaney was the most beautiful girl in Spring Valley High and at Eastern Tech.  Ronald Daley was her high school sweetheart and David Lewis was her college beau.  Ironically, Ron and Dave later became best friends, and each was a divorced dad who’s respective sons, Alex and Shaun, were high school buds.  Jill never married but went on to be a top model, and later opened her own beauty salon and spa in town.  

 She remained close with both her ex-es and was very fond of their kids. Jill’s  salon served not only women, but the local TS community Jill’s  salon served not only women, but the local TS community, which offended some local busy bodies.  Ron & Dave were prettyprogressive  and supported Jill – but she had a wicked idea that was actually proposed by the youngsters as a publicity stunt!   

At a news conference, Jill showed off her  skill for great makeovers! The dads looked like hot moms and the sons were cute coeds!   Their faces were perfectly painted, and their hair flowing. 

“Wait until you see the dresses I have picked out for these four sexy girls,” she giggled.  “But first… a little demonstration…  “3… 2.. 1.. TA-DA!”   

And all four girlish guys let their robes fall to the floor.  The assembled group gasped as each mother-daughter duo showed off their realistic breasts and even the seamless female genitalia.   The local news refused to air the pictures, but it was streaming live, so it soon found it’s way around socialJill’s Salon weathered the moral outrage storm, and it soon had visitors from around the world.   

Business was booming.  The four  happy “girls” also got a lot of money, fame, and male attention from the event.  They never looked back…

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