Saturday, August 2, 2014

First Time Jitters (Carla follows Diana into their new passions)

First Time Jitters
Christopher Jenkins is frozen in fear, and awe, and plain stupefaction, at the sight of his transformed father, Donald, with his painted  lips wrapped around the penis of the pool boy.  The morning that he and his dad woke up in as two busty blondes, everything changed for Chris and Don – now known as Carla and Diana.   

The stage fright was clearly noticed by Diana, who’s gaze never left her new daughter’s shocked expression.  Then she popped the organ out of her
mouth, and she  smiled at Carla.   

“Mom wants you to give it a try, sweetie.  Don’t be nervous – this is our life now.  We can get anything in life that we want, by working our magic on guys.  We spent our lives being the ones who girls toyed with – now WE have the power to toy with them.”

 As Diana watched with pride and joy, Carla slipped Jim’s cock across her tongue and down her throat.  She thought Mom was right… I can make him do anything I want him to.  Take me to dinner, buy me gifts.    

The door rang and Diana went to greet Jim’s cousin Martin.  She cooed, “Well, now that you’ve got the hang of this, Carla,  let’s show these boys how tight and wet our new pussies are…”

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