Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cowboys, Take Us Away (Olivia + Loni say Howdy, and stay awhile, sugar)

Cowboys, Take Us Away

It went against bone in  Leo Brooks’ body to slip the silky bra and panties over his body.  He was a country boy, through and through, and he had been estranged from his only son, Owen, for years, after he found Owen dressing his the clothes that were left in the closet after Corinne, Leo’s third wife, left him.   

“Being Olivia has saved my life, Dad,” she begged of her tough minded father.  “Look, I know you see yourself as a tough cowboy type.  You’re 5-4, and you have had this little big syndrome all your life.  That anger has ruined all your relationships.  Hey, lemme show you what I’ve learned; a pretty girl can have fun.  You can be wrap a guy around your finger;  that’s real power.  Now sit still while I fix your makeup – MOMMA” 

Leo – Loni in drag – was scared as Olivia walked with her to the country dance.  A couple of cocktails relaxed her, and then two tall, rugged country boys asked them to dance.  As they kissed Roy and Will goodnight, both Loni and Olivia felt their studs “buckin’ bronco” pressed against their dresses.   

Loni smiled at Olivia giggled, “Night’s not over, Momma.  I have some toys upstairs.  That way, you can be ready for your man for our double date next week.”

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