Sunday, August 3, 2014

By the Light of the Moon (Lara + Maria have a certain "glow")

By the Light of the Moon
Louis Brito grumbled while his son Michael played with his phone.  Thanks to Lou’s bad divorce, he had custody of the boy for only a month, and they could only afford to go to the lake their family had the “cabin” (more of a shack) every summer.  

 “What the hell are we doing here at this campfire?  I don’t even like marsh mellows,” Lou grumbled as Bill Klein, the organizer of the campers event, gave him a cold beer.  

“Hey dad, look at the moon,” Mikey poked Lou.  "What’s that weird glow it’s giving off?” 

 Lou reluctantly looked.  It was actually quite mesmerizing.  As both Britos gawked, they were unaware of forces changing their bodies, their memories, their entire reality...         

“Earth to Lara… hey, Maria, stand next to your mom, say cheese!  There we go, two gorgeous Italian girls.  Maria, you’re so tall now!”

“Thanks, Mr. Klein.  Hey Mom, Gary and some of the kids are going to walk down by the lake.  See you later, ok?” the pretty teen asked.

“Ok… be careful..” mumbled a still slightly disoriented Lara Brito as she watched her only child prance away, her cute little butt swaying in her shorts.   

What a fine young lady she is turning into, Lara thought to herself as she examined her full chest.  She looked up into Bill’s deep blue eyes, and felt another, unique sensation… across her body.   

“So Bill, have you seen how bright the moon is tonight?”   

Both smiled.

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