Friday, August 15, 2014

Birthday at the Spa (Glenda + Mindy, seeking peace and something more)

Birthday at the Spa
Greg Heard figured his son Mark bought him a “mother/daughter” spa day as a joke 50th birthday gift.

“Nope… this treatment is just for guys who want to experience a weekend or a week or even a month in the other sex.  I think two weeks is enough time for us to enjoy bonding over cute dresses, salon days, and especially… hot guys!” Mindy giggled to the new Glenda.  

“Like our upcoming dates?  I think Tony and your Jason both seem like the kind of studs that will drive girls like us crazy in bed!” wistfully grinned the new cougar.  

“Careful, Mom, or you might have a happy little accident.. speaking of birthday gifts!”

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Krazy Kay said...

Mother/daughter days are the best.