Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Special Conversation (Kayla, listen to Madeline, and enjoy life!)

A Special Conversation
Kevin:  You  know, I never knew how challenging it was to walk in heels, Dad.  It makes you take smaller steps.  Add wearing pantyhose to that, and it’s…

Mike:   Interesting? You should see what it’s done to your legs and butt, kid.  But I hear you when it comes to what we have on underneath.  Having to wear a bra is something men can not comprehend – much less having two big, bouncy…

Kevin:  Oh, I’m very aware of my bra, and I shouldn’t be jealous of being a petite and you having a full rack on full display!  But… I kind of am.  I don’t know…

Mike:   Well, this is your first time dressing up, and I wasn’t sure if you wanted the “full Monty,” honey.  Besides, you look like a model with your long thin legs and gorgeous facial features.  Face it – Kayla – you make a real natural girl.

Kayla:  Just like my  new “mother” eh?  I’m amazed at how you can transform
 yourself  from a normal man into a glamorous sexpot.  Those breast forms look so real!

Madeline:  I have a confession to make – they aren’t breast forms.  I’ve been on hormones for a year and you haven’t seen my bare chest until tonight.  I need to be a woman full time, sweetie.  I think you should join me in this adventure.  Like mother – like daughter!

Kayla:  Mom!   I… don’t know about this.  How will you be able to keep your job at the firm?  How will your old fogey law partners react to your gender reassignment surgery?

Madeline:  Well, you know Tony and I have been in kind of a secret affair for a few months now.  We’re both leaving the firm and we’re starting our own. A husband-wife legal team.  And who said I was having SRS?  Tony likes me as a “special girl.”  And you know who else does?  His young cousin, Sean.  That’s who we are meeting tonight for dinner and drinks…

Kayla:  Well, I should be mad at you Mom, but I so want to be a “special” girl – just like you!

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