Friday, July 25, 2014

The Mother Daughter Project (Results are sucessful, on two fronts...)

As Pamela & Brittany Quinn strolled hand in hand across the floor of the debutante party, two proud blonde women watched the auburn haired duo with the curvy bodies & smiles.
“They look so gorgeous and poised, Mom,” whispered Devin Perry .  

 Erika Perry agreed with her daughter.  “They’ve both come so far, and they look at tonight as their reward for their dedication to their new lives as special sexy girls!”

Paul Quinn had been Erika’s fiancée, and they were planning a new life as a blended family, bringing  together Devin & his son Brandon.  But Erika saw more of a sister in Paul than the man of her dreams, and she and Devin set about a plan to sissify them.  Money was no object as Erika spent a lot of wardrobe, personal care, and medical treatments.   

Paul/Pam and Brandon/Britt both went from whimpering denial to great joy as their bodies and attitudes developed together.  The Quinns also saw the closeness that Erika & Devin had, and they bonded more deeply as a lovely mom and daughter should.
“Tonight, their  dates will bring out their unbridled shemale passions,” Erika whispered to Devin.  

“Just like our guys did 4 years ago, Mom,” the former David Perry giggled back to her parent who’s name used to be Elvin.   The slinky blondes still had a reminder of their male past under their panties, just like their  “projects.”

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