Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SHRINKAGE! (Rita + Winnie have a remedy for your short-cummings!)

Robert: Dammit, bro!  This pool water is so cold!

Wayne:   Yea, I guess you’re also experiencing a little unexpected shrinkage!  Just remember, we have to refer to each other as sisters, with female pronouns – as if seeing myself and my big brother as blonde babes in bikinis isn’t enough of a hint!  
Rita: No shit!  (giggle)  Hey I really want to thank you for showing me how much fun being a shemale.  I love the way we look.  And being sisters has brought us closer…

Winnie: I know, I love having you as a BFF, sis.  Now, check out those hunks by the diving board – yummy!

Rita: Yea, but in this chilly pool, we may have to help them warm up! :)

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