Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sally’s Dream (a sweet slumber for her and precious Patti)

Sally’s Dream
One day at a yard sale, my daddy (Phillip) bought a old, dusty metal thing he called a typewriter. 

“People used to write letters on it, Shaun.  Here, I’ll show you.  I’ll put in this piece of paper in.  Please tell me what you dream about the most and this feeling will come true!”

Hmm… well, I thought about it.  I asked Daddy to  type that I wanted to have a mommy again, and that we could be happy forever.

As he typed, magic pixie dust covered us.  I closed and opened my eyes and I found myself in bed with a lady – it was Daddy, who was now a girl – and so was I.  We had pretty dresses on!

“Looks like we both get our dream come true, Sally.  I always dreamt of being a mommy named Patti.  And mommies and daughters go together, don’t you think, honey?”

I agreed with Mommy, and we hugged, and we spent the day dreaming of new adventures!