Sunday, July 6, 2014

Please Share This Moment With Me… (Michelle + Giselle are blessed with beauty + each other)

Please Share This Moment With Me…
  “Goodbye, Marcus… hello Michelle!” announced the proud father, Garrett, as he went to embrace his child.  This would be her first prom, and Garrett  had spent a lot on her lovely gown.  Nothing was too good for his baby girl after she came out as female.

“And goodbye Garrett, hello Giselle!” a grateful daughter replied to her role model.  Garrett hadn’t dressed outside of the house, but at Michelle’s insistence, she would make her own public debut as a chaperone at King High’s big dance.  “Now, Mom, I know you’re going to be watching me and Cliff at the prom, but we’re both going to be watching his Dad, Dr. Cyrus, and you.  You better behave yourself, young lady!”  

 The gorgeous ebony pair devolved into a giggling, girlish fit.  And after their goodnight kisses, Giselle Lane and her daughter Michelle shared a wonderful moment as a happy mother/daughter duo.

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