Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Now That You’re Old Enough (A pre-vacation cap from yours truly... cya in a few weeks)

Now That You Are Old Enough

JEFF:  Wow, I wish I knew that my father and grandfather have spent decades pretending to be on a “guys-only” fishing trip, only to find out it’s a cover for posing as hot blonde babes for a month!

ALAN:  Sorry for having to lie for all these years, kid.  I first came where when I was 18 as well.  Dad knew the apple fell very close to the tree, so he taught me how to rock a bikini and flirt and tease with guys!

LEO: And now, it’s your turn, and I know you’re going to enjoy this, now that you are old enough.  For the next 30 days,  you will be a sexy young woman, at this very exclusive resort with your  “partners in crime” – your gorgeous mother and your pretty damn hot for her age grandmom.  Look at those guys across the pool.   They want us.  They’re fantasizing about having ALL three of us…

Julie smiled at those guys right along with Alison and Lisa.  She knew that

 she could be just as much of a horny she-male slut as her role models had been for years!



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Dee Mentia said...

Have a great vacation!

Try not to get too many visible bikini tan lines!