Saturday, July 5, 2014

MOTB: Free At Last... (Eva listened to Regina - to become a wife!)

MOTB Tales: Free At Last…

Regina Espinoza proudly helped her daughter Eva with her final dressing before escorting her to the altar.  Hard to believe that  this  stunning duo was  once a hardened street thug named Ricardo Espinoza whofathered  a son, Edgar.  Eddie didn’t mind not having a male role
Model; early on, she knew that she was a girl inside, waiting for someone who loved her
for being her, and could show her the way to happiness.

She never expected  that guidance would come from Ricky – now as Gina , having found herself as a “prison wife.”  Juan and her went “straight” after serving their time.  Eva listens eagerly as her Mom tells the story of her “wedding night – every graphically sensual & sexy detail!

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