Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cosplay Bonding (Molly + NIcole make prettier girls than any Norse god, heh) #sdcc

Cosplay Bonding

Neil Lewis liked superheroes  as a young boy, but he told his son Matt that at age 16, he was now too old to still be fantasizing  about being  The Batman or the like.   

“But, Dad, I’m going to the comic con to do a little cosplay, and there are quite a few parent/kid duos dressing up.  How about you join me this weekend, coz we don’t get to catch up since you work so much?”

Neil agreed – but was shocked at Matt’s choice.   THE BLACK CANARY?   

“Hey, a lot of cosplay is dressing in drag.  Besides, Grandma told me that you used to get girled up for fun in high school.  How about instead of father-son bonding, we try mom-daughter instead?  I bet we’ll win!”
Sure enough, NICOLE really enjoyed stretching her sexy legs as a “crime fighting” blonde babe. But just as much, she appreciated spending time with  MOLLY.  They didn’t win the SuperCon costume prize, but they did accept the invitation of Eric Powell (Sr. and Jr.), who came as Doctor Whos  4 & 11, respectively, to take the Canaries out for a post-Con dinner  date.   

“Mom, I think they would make such awesome boyfriends!”

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