Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Lovely Shade of Pink (starring Donna + her colorful mom + sis)

A Lovely Shade of Pink

Jim: Our family always wears something pink on the anniversary of the passing of our beloved Linda. Wife, mother, best friend, and brave warrior versus the deadly breast cancer that took her from us.

Dave:  She was extra special to me because she was the first to accept me growing up as a woman, and supported my transition into my new female life.

Craig:  Not that Dad and I were against it or angry with my sister for her need to be who she was… we just didn’t understand why.  That’s why when it was her turn to make her debut as the stunning Donna…

Donna: That our heroine helped make over Dad and Craig into my other “Mom” and my little sister.  They found the girls inside them… and after we said goodbye to Mom Linda… they became my (sniff)

Josie:  Sweetie, we all leaned on each other to get past our grief.  And you have been such an great inspiration for your sister and I, as found ourselves.

Carly: Speaking of ta-ta’s, Mom and I will soon have surgery to give us what Dolly Parton has over us!

Donna:  I keep telling you two: bigger boobies mean richer, and  more stud-muffiny boyfriends! (giggling) 

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