Friday, June 13, 2014

We Are Our Selfies (Kristen + Holly for all the world to see!)

We Are Our Selfies
"Did the text go through, honey?” a smirking Ken Lane asked his son.

“Oh it went through alright,” Heath replied.  He showed his dad the text from Ken’s ex-wife Barbara.   

“Nice language,” the glammed up teenager giggled as Holly showed Kristen the reply from the woman who had done nothing but belittle and mock the um, “men” in her life.  But now, the men had found joy, peace, and a lot of fun, as much fun as two beautiful blondes could find in this ever changing world.

“Well, maybe one day she’ll come around, but for now, I get to be the mommy!” Kristen cooed, as she and her new daughter embraced.   

Holly held the phone up and took another “selfie.”    “This is for our boyfriends, Mom,” Holly grinned.    “I think they’ll enjoy this pic more than anyone else.”

“Baby, I think we’re the ones who enjoy it the most,” Kristen winked.


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