Saturday, June 7, 2014

Unexpected Fun (Valerie + Janet EXCEEDED expectations!)

Unexpected Fun
Jerry Wu deftly applied mascara while his father Victor examined his flawless makeup.   

“It’s so cool that we both love to dress up and that we’re both passable, Dad,” cooed Jerry to his parent who was in the bedroom.

“Yes, I agree, and I think we can enjoy having a mother/daughter day here in the house without making the neighbors think we are some sort of deviants...”

Then Vic noticed in the mirror, he and Jerry were not alone.  There was their goofy neighbor Clyde, wearing only a pair of boxers – and a wicked smirk…

“So this is what you two do in your free time?  Actually, don’t answer that, VALERIE.  I have seen each of you before prancing like the sissies you are from my house.  Looks like I caught you both slutting it up.  So allow me…” Clyde said as he dropped his drawers, “to give you just what your pretty little mouth has been asking for.”   

Val looked at Clyde’s 10” dong with a hunger for cum, dropped to her stocking covered knees, and  took care of his erection.   As Clyde moaned and leaned back on the bed, JANET sashayed in on her fuck- me heels and leaned across the bed.   

“Joke’s on you, big boy,” the young vixen whispered.  “Mom and I knew you loved tranny porn, and we saw you watching up dress up.  Didn’t expect that huh?” 

 As Jan cupped Clyde’s cock into her waiting mouth, he knew he that his Asian shemale neighbors would take care of him!

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