Sunday, June 15, 2014

They Forget To Tell Larry (thanks to AFT, now you know their story :))

They Forget To Tell Larry

Dean: I know,  I know, I should have told you about  this before we went out tonight, Larry..

Larry:  Well, until last week, you were the only person in your family assuming a new gender role, Diane.  I expected your son and your father to attend our engagement party.

Diane:   As did  I, sweetheart.  But they have watched me transform from a sad man to a happy girl.  

Chad: And one day I asked Mom what was making her so happy as a woman.  And after a very long talk, she took me under her wing, so to speak.  And then… 

Frank : And then one day I decided to visit my daughter who was my son – and I found that I had a granddaughter !  That led to another discussion, and … 

Diane:   And now I have a gorgeous mother AND a pretty daughter. Admit it honey, they look so happy and very cute!
Larry:  Well, it is a shock, but, you all look quite lovely, and I’m happy that we’ll be a family – guess I am the man of the house, by default.

Fiona:  Speaking of men – we need to find some dates for the wedding, girl!

Chrissie:  OK, let’s go find some hunks to flirt with, Grams!


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