Friday, June 20, 2014

The Passions of Power (Donna and her girls turn the tables!)

The Passions of Power
Industrial tycoon Denny Hunter and his sons Joe and Nick  were thought to have met their untimely death at the hands of the mob after having turned in evidence against them in exchange for staying out of jail on RICO violations.   But the Don had a sick sense of justice.  

 “You let the feds fuck with us, so now we’ll fuck with you!”  The boss’s right hand man had a thing for girls with dicks, so after their docs and their salons had done their way with the trio, the mobster brought Donna, Jenny, and Noelle to the brothel, as the three new shemale whores. 

 Despite themselves, the “girls” were injected with enough estrogen and they grew crave all of the cocks that they were expected to serve!   Despite these new pleasures, they felt beaten – until one day Donna had enough.  She attacked the mobster who had destroyed their lives – cutting off his dick in the process – now that’s true poetic justice.

“Let’s start over where no one can find us,” Donna promised her daughters, as they fled the East for the Pacific Northwest.  They opened a small café and lived simpler lives.   Jenny and Nicole had grown closer as sisters, and their bond with their new mother was indestructible.  Where they had powerful men in their past, they now delighted in the pleasure of controlling their new boyfriends with their sensual bodies!

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