Saturday, June 21, 2014

Need 2 Speed (Valerie + Brittany will start your engines, gentlemen.)


Vince Harmon loved muscle cars; he was a small man who felt big and bad behind the wheel of a street machine.  He tried to pass his passion for rubber and chrome onto his son Brian, but the sensitive son had an exit strategy for a race he didn’t care for.  Brian  would rather spend time as Brittany, a gorgeous blonde boi-babe who got many a man racing with her unique “chassis.”  

Vince wasn’t really happy…  but he loved his son-turned daughter. And he really wasn’t happy when, after a drunken bet on how well Britt could pass as a genetic girl, Vince showed up at
the car show as Valerie, Brittany’s leggy “mother.” 
Sensing Val’s angst, Brit asked her hunky boyfriend Danny to introduce her lonely mom to someone who loved big muscle cars as much as she did.  Val reluctantly spent time with Gus, who wowed the T-cougar with a great knowledge of roadsters, and took her breath away as he took her “for a ride.”
A year later, and both Harmon honeys enjoy whenever their guys “floor it.” Finally, mother and daughter have a common interest in cars… and drivers!

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