Thursday, June 5, 2014

More Like A Twin! (because where Emma is, Claire is right there!)

More Like A Twin!
Claire Collins always enjoyed shopping with her daughter Emma, as they both loved fashion as well as spending time together.  But this was extra special, as Emma had said YES to her boyfriend’s proposal, so Claire wanted to talk to her about all of the wedding planning – and to reflect on how far this mother and daughter had come in three years.

“Billy knows all about Evan, Mom,” Emma admitted as the dup walked through the outlet, bags in hand.  “He loves me for me, and for being his girl, and he doesn’t care what sex I was born with.” she added with a careful whisper.  “Should I tell him about your – change of life – mom?”

“It’s up to you, darling,” Claire wistfully smiled.  “Of course, Dan has known all along, and he’s never batted an eye.  I bet that Billy may remember Charlie Collins worked with his uncle years ago.  He may already suspect or even know, coz your stepdad and him have built a nice relationship.  Isn’t it perfect how our lives turned out – our struggle to be the women we knew we were outside – dealing with disapproving family and so-called friends – being there for each other as bonded as mom and daughter – and then, finding our soul mates, and our love lives have never been the same since!”   

Claire then wiped a tear away as she embraced Emma.  “You’re more than my daughter – you are my very best girlfriend,” she sighed.

Aww, Mom, I told you, you’re like my transgender twin!” Now, please help me find the perfect engagement dress… and lingerie for my honeymoon!”  

 Both ladies giggled!

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