Friday, June 27, 2014

Mom's Gifts (Celeste leads Tracie down a 'curvy' path)

MOM’s Gifts!
Tim O'Neal was proud of his dad, Cliff, in coming out to his employer, friends, and his family that he was really a woman inside.  Even if Cliff’s wife wasn’t so respectful, but they were already separated; Tim felt so much closer to the new Celeste, thus he felt that the brunette trans-babe was his true mom.  

 After her surgery, Celeste was now in the market for  a man in her life, and with her gorgeous new figure, she soon found herself getting ready for a hot date.

“Nice rack, mom,” Tim snickered in jest.  

 “Oh you think it’s funny, huh?” Celeste laughed.  “I know you’ve been trying on my lingerie in secret.”   

Blushing, Tim tried to deny his experiment in drag.   

“Shush, baby.  You can’t fill my bra cups – so I bought you your own silky bra and panties, for a girl your age – and a cute top, skirt, shoes, and a pretty blonde wig.  I dub thee my daughter, Tracie...! oh, I think you are going to an as attractive as me!”
Her prediction came true – and six months later, Tracie was going steady with Ryan, nephew of George, Celeste’s boyfriend.  Mother and daughter both enjoyed flaunting their girlish gifts!

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