Wednesday, June 25, 2014

MADAME JAE'S: The Girls Will Be Ready... One Day! (Kayla + Ivy want love... and lust!)


The Girls Will Be Ready… One Day!
“Open it! Open it” Kayla Devoe demanded of her mother, Ivy, as she held the thin package from Madame Jae’s Studio.

“OK,  get ready, girl,” Ivy shushed her daughter.

As Ivy pulled out the color photograph, both of them shrieked and laughed and hugged with their usual fervor.  It was a picture of them, in slinky, glam gowns.
“You look so grown up… so SEDUCTIVE,”  Ivy gushed, and then caught her words.  Kayla was still a child – a boy, genetically, as much as Ivy was her biological father.  But that crazy Jae Juice have let them both blossom into WOMEN who were very much getting attention from the J-Club guys.

“Don’t worry, Mom.  I told you, I’m saving myself.  Jared’s sweet, but no sex until we’re 18 and READY.  Besides, I want to see how things progress with you and Marc.”

Ivy grinned; Kayla was a smart girl.  And Marc… well, I think Ivy’s ready to scratch that itch soon!
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