Saturday, June 14, 2014

Get Rich Bitch Quick (2 SWT M/D ISO the finer things in life...)


Wayne:  What the hell kind of money making scheme is this son?  Look, I know that you inherited my deviant disposition, as well as my love of dressing up as a hot babe, but why are you showing me this dating site?

Adam: Well, Dad, this is not just any dating site – it’s a site that matches sexy perverse T-girls like you and me with rich, horny, and well hung men looking to take a sissy and make her the perfect (hidden) trophy wife!

Wanda:  Hmmm… Trust Fund Playboy seeks 40ish Shemale to be Wife and Fuck Toy… wow, look at the size of… his MANSION!  That pool is so huge, honey!

Ashley:  That’s not the only thing Big about this guy, Mom!  Look at these pics of these huge cocks!  Yes, I said cocks… the son is as well endowed as his father!

Wanda: Wow, you’re right honey!  Ever since the night you found me going down on another man while in drag, and you convinced me to dress you up and take you around town like any mother and daughter… to see you become as much of a gold digging, cock-lovin’ bitch as me… this is like the greatest thing ever come true!

Ashley:  I know, I’m so excited!  Look I already have sent an email to them with pics of us, and they wrote right back.  We have a double date Saturday night!  We need to get our hair done, tan, buy some sexy heels, and practice our cock worshiping skills – and QUICKLY!

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