Saturday, June 28, 2014

Formal Introductions (Janis + Darcy, making their sexy debut)

Formal Introductions
JIM: Yes, it’s true.  Our lives were in a rut.  My son was not going to get into law school, and I was one cycle away from my middle management job from being eliminated.  I was divorced, had high blood pressure, balding, and bickering with my only child about not getting out of life what you put into it.  We were both pretty discouraged about the deal that our lives had been dealt.
DEREK: And I was striking out with love as much as Dad was too, and I couldn’t hired to any real job.  That’s when I hear about FORMAL INTRODUCTIONS.  The recruiter said that within one year,

I would have a great job, a better love life, and forge a closer relationship with my family if I shared the program with my dad!
JANIS: And I’m so glad you did.  I mean, who knew that being beautiful girls and mom and daughter was the key to happiness?  We watched our bodies change with the

hormone treatments and plastic surgery, shopped together for hours, and then learned all about what made our newly feminized bodies tick.  Now we both have rich, handsome boyfriends with huge cocks and hours of sexual stamina.  We sure have it made, hon!     
DARCY: Mom, it’s changed our lives.  And tonight, Lou and Scott may pop the question to BOTH of us.  Imagine us –  we used to be a lame father and son – now we’re mom and daughter and maybe brides! I love the passionate lives we now live.  And thanks to the fine folks at FORMAL INTRODUCTIONS! 

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