Sunday, June 29, 2014

Discovering Paradise (Nancy + Angela: it's their pleasure to be served)

Discovering PARADISE
“How are you enjoying your first full day at Playa del Rosita, LADIES?” Raul Valeria, the general manager of the resort on the Mexican Rivera, asked his guests from America, who had just arrived and transitioned into “bikini mode” in the last 24 hours.

“Oh it’s wonderful here,” chirped Neal Jones – that’s Neal in the black top.  “I never though it would be possible to… be as comfortable as we have been made to feel, here at Playa del Rosita!”

“I agree – it’s totally amazing at this place. It’s Paradise on earth!  I never want to leave!” sighed Neal’s son Adam (in the pink floral 2 piece). 

“Miss Nancy and Miss Angela, I thank you for the compliments.  You both look like such beautiful and happy women.  If only every man who dips in our enchanted lagoon would become as lovely and as sensual as you both.” 

Both new mom &  daughter blushed at Raul’s praise.  Their new libidos now took over, and by the end of the week, Raul and his hunky staff took care of every need they had – day and night!

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