Sunday, June 22, 2014

Childhood Wagering (Three new girls meet world of love and family; pun intended!)

Childhood Wagering
ALLEN:  Dude, that stupid bet we made as teenagers?

KEVIN:  Yep.  I told you I was going to have more money, a hotter wife, and more fun that you ever could.  Then you met Maria, the girl every guy wanted, and her dad hired you to be a VP at his company.  Maria gave birth to Troy and Eric, and you had the “perfect” family.  I was just content to being hired by you to be a biochemist studying  chromosomal  traits for the corporation.

ALLEN: But I confided in you, my best bud, that it was far from perfect.  Maria’s father didn’t want to heed your warnings over genetic testing, and in defending you, he went after me.  Maria showed her  true colors and banned me from my kids.  I knew that both of them were like me – not into sports and other guy stuff.

KEVIN: Amy, it was their fault that they exposed you to the compound, and not taking enough care that your children weren’t also affected.  Luckily, other than you three having to be female for the rest of your lives, there are no other side affects.  When the feds caught them, the old man went mad, and Maria is now locked away – in total denial  - aww, look at those two angels…

AMY:  I see them, babe.  But I can’t stop looking at you, my best friend, and now… my husband.  Now we have all of the family fortune, you have ME  - forever, darling – and these two lovely daughters of ours will be such fun!

TESS:  Look sis, Mom is flirting with our stepdad.  Don’t you wish we had boyfriends as handsome as Kevin is?

EMMA:  Girl… I bet I’ll find my future soul mate first!

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