Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Crystal Shines (3 generations of smart guys who make lovely ladies)

Another Crystal Shines
Darren Crystal  knew what his father and grandfather did together as he was growing up – and it made him sick.  He wasn’t going to grow up like them – he was going to be “normal.”
But the day that Darren graduated medical school, he knew he had done what Abraham had done 40 years prior, and what Paul had done when Darren was just being born – so respect of his elders did mean a great deal to him.  Welcoming Darren into the family “business” meant joining the “sorority”…

“It’s not so bad, is it?” laughed Ava as her new granddaughter, Debbie, embraced her and Prue, after the trio spent the weekend getting to know each other. 

 “Well, Bubbe, I’m sorry I was so hard headed growing up about this stuff.  I really enjoy spending time with you and Mom as girls.  And thanks for the cute new wardrobe!”  
Prue grinned and looked to her part-time mother and said, “Sweetie, we learned a long time ago that after working so hard at medicine, dressing up is such a stress relief.  Now that I’m retiring from my practice, and passing it to you, I’ll have more time to spend as a “shiny Crystal”.  Say that reminds me – what time are our dates picking us up?”  

Debbie’s face went ashen with fear.  Ava cooed, “Just relax!  It’s the fun part of being a girl!”

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