Sunday, June 29, 2014

Discovering Paradise (Nancy + Angela: it's their pleasure to be served)

Discovering PARADISE
“How are you enjoying your first full day at Playa del Rosita, LADIES?” Raul Valeria, the general manager of the resort on the Mexican Rivera, asked his guests from America, who had just arrived and transitioned into “bikini mode” in the last 24 hours.

“Oh it’s wonderful here,” chirped Neal Jones – that’s Neal in the black top.  “I never though it would be possible to… be as comfortable as we have been made to feel, here at Playa del Rosita!”

“I agree – it’s totally amazing at this place. It’s Paradise on earth!  I never want to leave!” sighed Neal’s son Adam (in the pink floral 2 piece). 

“Miss Nancy and Miss Angela, I thank you for the compliments.  You both look like such beautiful and happy women.  If only every man who dips in our enchanted lagoon would become as lovely and as sensual as you both.” 

Both new mom &  daughter blushed at Raul’s praise.  Their new libidos now took over, and by the end of the week, Raul and his hunky staff took care of every need they had – day and night!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Formal Introductions (Janis + Darcy, making their sexy debut)

Formal Introductions
JIM: Yes, it’s true.  Our lives were in a rut.  My son was not going to get into law school, and I was one cycle away from my middle management job from being eliminated.  I was divorced, had high blood pressure, balding, and bickering with my only child about not getting out of life what you put into it.  We were both pretty discouraged about the deal that our lives had been dealt.
DEREK: And I was striking out with love as much as Dad was too, and I couldn’t hired to any real job.  That’s when I hear about FORMAL INTRODUCTIONS.  The recruiter said that within one year,

I would have a great job, a better love life, and forge a closer relationship with my family if I shared the program with my dad!
JANIS: And I’m so glad you did.  I mean, who knew that being beautiful girls and mom and daughter was the key to happiness?  We watched our bodies change with the

hormone treatments and plastic surgery, shopped together for hours, and then learned all about what made our newly feminized bodies tick.  Now we both have rich, handsome boyfriends with huge cocks and hours of sexual stamina.  We sure have it made, hon!     
DARCY: Mom, it’s changed our lives.  And tonight, Lou and Scott may pop the question to BOTH of us.  Imagine us –  we used to be a lame father and son – now we’re mom and daughter and maybe brides! I love the passionate lives we now live.  And thanks to the fine folks at FORMAL INTRODUCTIONS! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mom's Gifts (Celeste leads Tracie down a 'curvy' path)

MOM’s Gifts!
Tim O'Neal was proud of his dad, Cliff, in coming out to his employer, friends, and his family that he was really a woman inside.  Even if Cliff’s wife wasn’t so respectful, but they were already separated; Tim felt so much closer to the new Celeste, thus he felt that the brunette trans-babe was his true mom.  

 After her surgery, Celeste was now in the market for  a man in her life, and with her gorgeous new figure, she soon found herself getting ready for a hot date.

“Nice rack, mom,” Tim snickered in jest.  

 “Oh you think it’s funny, huh?” Celeste laughed.  “I know you’ve been trying on my lingerie in secret.”   

Blushing, Tim tried to deny his experiment in drag.   

“Shush, baby.  You can’t fill my bra cups – so I bought you your own silky bra and panties, for a girl your age – and a cute top, skirt, shoes, and a pretty blonde wig.  I dub thee my daughter, Tracie...! oh, I think you are going to an as attractive as me!”
Her prediction came true – and six months later, Tracie was going steady with Ryan, nephew of George, Celeste’s boyfriend.  Mother and daughter both enjoyed flaunting their girlish gifts!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

MADAME JAE'S: The Girls Will Be Ready... One Day! (Kayla + Ivy want love... and lust!)


The Girls Will Be Ready… One Day!
“Open it! Open it” Kayla Devoe demanded of her mother, Ivy, as she held the thin package from Madame Jae’s Studio.

“OK,  get ready, girl,” Ivy shushed her daughter.

As Ivy pulled out the color photograph, both of them shrieked and laughed and hugged with their usual fervor.  It was a picture of them, in slinky, glam gowns.
“You look so grown up… so SEDUCTIVE,”  Ivy gushed, and then caught her words.  Kayla was still a child – a boy, genetically, as much as Ivy was her biological father.  But that crazy Jae Juice have let them both blossom into WOMEN who were very much getting attention from the J-Club guys.

“Don’t worry, Mom.  I told you, I’m saving myself.  Jared’s sweet, but no sex until we’re 18 and READY.  Besides, I want to see how things progress with you and Marc.”

Ivy grinned; Kayla was a smart girl.  And Marc… well, I think Ivy’s ready to scratch that itch soon!
 To learn more about Ivy and Kayla
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Childhood Wagering (Three new girls meet world of love and family; pun intended!)

Childhood Wagering
ALLEN:  Dude, that stupid bet we made as teenagers?

KEVIN:  Yep.  I told you I was going to have more money, a hotter wife, and more fun that you ever could.  Then you met Maria, the girl every guy wanted, and her dad hired you to be a VP at his company.  Maria gave birth to Troy and Eric, and you had the “perfect” family.  I was just content to being hired by you to be a biochemist studying  chromosomal  traits for the corporation.

ALLEN: But I confided in you, my best bud, that it was far from perfect.  Maria’s father didn’t want to heed your warnings over genetic testing, and in defending you, he went after me.  Maria showed her  true colors and banned me from my kids.  I knew that both of them were like me – not into sports and other guy stuff.

KEVIN: Amy, it was their fault that they exposed you to the compound, and not taking enough care that your children weren’t also affected.  Luckily, other than you three having to be female for the rest of your lives, there are no other side affects.  When the feds caught them, the old man went mad, and Maria is now locked away – in total denial  - aww, look at those two angels…

AMY:  I see them, babe.  But I can’t stop looking at you, my best friend, and now… my husband.  Now we have all of the family fortune, you have ME  - forever, darling – and these two lovely daughters of ours will be such fun!

TESS:  Look sis, Mom is flirting with our stepdad.  Don’t you wish we had boyfriends as handsome as Kevin is?

EMMA:  Girl… I bet I’ll find my future soul mate first!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Need 2 Speed (Valerie + Brittany will start your engines, gentlemen.)


Vince Harmon loved muscle cars; he was a small man who felt big and bad behind the wheel of a street machine.  He tried to pass his passion for rubber and chrome onto his son Brian, but the sensitive son had an exit strategy for a race he didn’t care for.  Brian  would rather spend time as Brittany, a gorgeous blonde boi-babe who got many a man racing with her unique “chassis.”  

Vince wasn’t really happy…  but he loved his son-turned daughter. And he really wasn’t happy when, after a drunken bet on how well Britt could pass as a genetic girl, Vince showed up at
the car show as Valerie, Brittany’s leggy “mother.” 
Sensing Val’s angst, Brit asked her hunky boyfriend Danny to introduce her lonely mom to someone who loved big muscle cars as much as she did.  Val reluctantly spent time with Gus, who wowed the T-cougar with a great knowledge of roadsters, and took her breath away as he took her “for a ride.”
A year later, and both Harmon honeys enjoy whenever their guys “floor it.” Finally, mother and daughter have a common interest in cars… and drivers!

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Passions of Power (Donna and her girls turn the tables!)

The Passions of Power
Industrial tycoon Denny Hunter and his sons Joe and Nick  were thought to have met their untimely death at the hands of the mob after having turned in evidence against them in exchange for staying out of jail on RICO violations.   But the Don had a sick sense of justice.  

 “You let the feds fuck with us, so now we’ll fuck with you!”  The boss’s right hand man had a thing for girls with dicks, so after their docs and their salons had done their way with the trio, the mobster brought Donna, Jenny, and Noelle to the brothel, as the three new shemale whores. 

 Despite themselves, the “girls” were injected with enough estrogen and they grew crave all of the cocks that they were expected to serve!   Despite these new pleasures, they felt beaten – until one day Donna had enough.  She attacked the mobster who had destroyed their lives – cutting off his dick in the process – now that’s true poetic justice.

“Let’s start over where no one can find us,” Donna promised her daughters, as they fled the East for the Pacific Northwest.  They opened a small café and lived simpler lives.   Jenny and Nicole had grown closer as sisters, and their bond with their new mother was indestructible.  Where they had powerful men in their past, they now delighted in the pleasure of controlling their new boyfriends with their sensual bodies!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Special to AFT from Dee Mentia's "DIY" work - "Art Class"

A Well respected and appreciated blogstress is Dee Mentia, and she has a DIY contest where she supplies the image and takes text submissions.  I sent her the following and we collaborated, so to speak.   Looks great.  Please visit her blog and get inspired.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

They Forget To Tell Larry (thanks to AFT, now you know their story :))

They Forget To Tell Larry

Dean: I know,  I know, I should have told you about  this before we went out tonight, Larry..

Larry:  Well, until last week, you were the only person in your family assuming a new gender role, Diane.  I expected your son and your father to attend our engagement party.

Diane:   As did  I, sweetheart.  But they have watched me transform from a sad man to a happy girl.  

Chad: And one day I asked Mom what was making her so happy as a woman.  And after a very long talk, she took me under her wing, so to speak.  And then… 

Frank : And then one day I decided to visit my daughter who was my son – and I found that I had a granddaughter !  That led to another discussion, and … 

Diane:   And now I have a gorgeous mother AND a pretty daughter. Admit it honey, they look so happy and very cute!
Larry:  Well, it is a shock, but, you all look quite lovely, and I’m happy that we’ll be a family – guess I am the man of the house, by default.

Fiona:  Speaking of men – we need to find some dates for the wedding, girl!

Chrissie:  OK, let’s go find some hunks to flirt with, Grams!


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Get Rich Bitch Quick (2 SWT M/D ISO the finer things in life...)


Wayne:  What the hell kind of money making scheme is this son?  Look, I know that you inherited my deviant disposition, as well as my love of dressing up as a hot babe, but why are you showing me this dating site?

Adam: Well, Dad, this is not just any dating site – it’s a site that matches sexy perverse T-girls like you and me with rich, horny, and well hung men looking to take a sissy and make her the perfect (hidden) trophy wife!

Wanda:  Hmmm… Trust Fund Playboy seeks 40ish Shemale to be Wife and Fuck Toy… wow, look at the size of… his MANSION!  That pool is so huge, honey!

Ashley:  That’s not the only thing Big about this guy, Mom!  Look at these pics of these huge cocks!  Yes, I said cocks… the son is as well endowed as his father!

Wanda: Wow, you’re right honey!  Ever since the night you found me going down on another man while in drag, and you convinced me to dress you up and take you around town like any mother and daughter… to see you become as much of a gold digging, cock-lovin’ bitch as me… this is like the greatest thing ever come true!

Ashley:  I know, I’m so excited!  Look I already have sent an email to them with pics of us, and they wrote right back.  We have a double date Saturday night!  We need to get our hair done, tan, buy some sexy heels, and practice our cock worshiping skills – and QUICKLY!

Friday, June 13, 2014

We Are Our Selfies (Kristen + Holly for all the world to see!)

We Are Our Selfies
"Did the text go through, honey?” a smirking Ken Lane asked his son.

“Oh it went through alright,” Heath replied.  He showed his dad the text from Ken’s ex-wife Barbara.   

“Nice language,” the glammed up teenager giggled as Holly showed Kristen the reply from the woman who had done nothing but belittle and mock the um, “men” in her life.  But now, the men had found joy, peace, and a lot of fun, as much fun as two beautiful blondes could find in this ever changing world.

“Well, maybe one day she’ll come around, but for now, I get to be the mommy!” Kristen cooed, as she and her new daughter embraced.   

Holly held the phone up and took another “selfie.”    “This is for our boyfriends, Mom,” Holly grinned.    “I think they’ll enjoy this pic more than anyone else.”

“Baby, I think we’re the ones who enjoy it the most,” Kristen winked.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Classic Caps in new 4x3 size

Since I launched this blog, I created 16x9 ratio caps to match my laptop screen size - but now I'm using a tablet more and more.  This size ratio is much more tablet friendly.  Enjoy! :)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Indecent Proposals (as Melinda + Janice negotiate with Paul)

“Forgive me for stating the obvious, but, you should have been born a woman all along,” read the letter that Paul Chessman wrote to his neighbor Jim Orton.  “I watched you prance across your window for ten years – Janice – that’s the name I imagined you as – I imagined you as my wife – dressing up for a dinner date with me, and then retiring to our bedroom, where we would make love for hours.  I decided that now that your son Matt is leaving for college, we can be together – finally.  You know I have a career that provides me an income to support you .  I hope to hear from you.”

A week later, Paul answered his door bell.  
“Paul, I knew were watching me all these years,” Janice explained.  “But what you didn’t know is that for the last two years, I’ve been mothering Melinda."  

Paul gasped at the willowy young lady at her side.

“If you want to make my Mom your wife, then I’ll be your step-daughter, on one condition,” cooed Melinda.  “Is there enough room in your bed for two  very special girls, DADDY?”

Paul gulped.  Janice smiled and shared a wink with her daughter.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Unexpected Fun (Valerie + Janet EXCEEDED expectations!)

Unexpected Fun
Jerry Wu deftly applied mascara while his father Victor examined his flawless makeup.   

“It’s so cool that we both love to dress up and that we’re both passable, Dad,” cooed Jerry to his parent who was in the bedroom.

“Yes, I agree, and I think we can enjoy having a mother/daughter day here in the house without making the neighbors think we are some sort of deviants...”

Then Vic noticed in the mirror, he and Jerry were not alone.  There was their goofy neighbor Clyde, wearing only a pair of boxers – and a wicked smirk…

“So this is what you two do in your free time?  Actually, don’t answer that, VALERIE.  I have seen each of you before prancing like the sissies you are from my house.  Looks like I caught you both slutting it up.  So allow me…” Clyde said as he dropped his drawers, “to give you just what your pretty little mouth has been asking for.”   

Val looked at Clyde’s 10” dong with a hunger for cum, dropped to her stocking covered knees, and  took care of his erection.   As Clyde moaned and leaned back on the bed, JANET sashayed in on her fuck- me heels and leaned across the bed.   

“Joke’s on you, big boy,” the young vixen whispered.  “Mom and I knew you loved tranny porn, and we saw you watching up dress up.  Didn’t expect that huh?” 

 As Jan cupped Clyde’s cock into her waiting mouth, he knew he that his Asian shemale neighbors would take care of him!