Saturday, May 24, 2014

We're NEVER Going Back (but Kendra + Gloria love to "go down"!)

We’re NEVER Going Back!
 Kevin Lange loved his dad, and understood the gravity of the situation – he and Garry had both witnessed that terrorist attack, and the insurgent forces would come looking for the boy and his father – so the HSA had little choice in disguising them while keeping the family together.

Kevin just wasn’t ready to throw away eighteen years of macho boyhood -
 or watch his hero, his tough guy Dad – so the same.  So it horrified him to watch Garry and him – sculptured and styled as two pretty blonde faux females – have to mince and wiggle around with their new pert bottoms.  And what the –
Garry pulled his lips of the young FBI agent’s impressive wang, licked her lips seductively, turned and smiled to the babe who was her son.

“Because I so enjoy having a shot of cum in the morning, darling,” the MILFtastic shemale cooed.  “And please,  I’m Gloria now, and you know you should be calling me Mom or Mother.  We’re girls now, sweetie, and girls suck cock, and then we let horny guy stick those cocks inside of us, and we scream like whores.  Look, this took a lot for me to accept as well, after so long as a man… but I love acting out as a hot bitch, and it tastes and feels so good.  We’ve got so much estrogen in us now, we can’t help but feel this slutty.   Kendra, you must listen to your body now – and to Mommy.  Get on your knees and…  enjoy.  Feed her your beast John!”

As her painted lips accepted its first flesh, Kendra shook with fear – but by the time that John came and she  swallowed, she  shook from her first girly orgasm.  John’s partner then accompanied the three of them upstairs, where the foursome fucked for hours.  

 “Mom , we’re girls now, and we’re never going back,” whispered a happy Kendra to an equally sated Gloria.

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